Our winery once again achieves the highest score in the BRC certificate

Our winery once again achieves the highest score in the BRC certificate

Our winery, located in Pontevedra in the heart of the Rías Baixas, has once again achieved the highest score in the British Retail Consortium food safety certificate, which accredits at an international level our commitment to offer the highest safety and quality in all the wines that we produce.

Achieving once again the highest score in the BRC, one of the most demanding and prestigious food standards today, represents for our clients a certification that Condes de Albarei products comply with all legal and consumer protection requirements. A great reward for the daily effort made by our company since its foundation in 1988 to guarantee production control, the best quality management and exhaustive compliance with all food safety measures in our facilities and by our workers.

Quality and customer safety is one of the maxims of Condes de Albarei, which adds to our commitment to producing the best wines while minimizing our impact on the environment and the privileged environment in which our winery is located. In this way, we have managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 77.47% during the production process or limit the use of phytosanitary products on our vines by joining the Viñas Atlánticas initiative; in addition to reinforcing our commitment to recycling by contributing to the reuse of 775,000 kilos of glass, 44,000 kilos of cardboard, 5,600 kilos of cork and more than 1,400 kilos of aluminum throughout 2019.

All a guarantee of quality, sustainability and environmental responsibility for those who enjoy Albariño wines from Condes de Albarei.

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