Summary harvest 2020 Pazo Baión

Summary harvest 2020 Pazo Baión

We leave behind the most important month in our winery: September.

With him the most intense days are lived with the arrival of the harvest. A few weeks of hard work but of great satisfaction for collecting the fruit of a whole year: our Albariña grape.

This 2020 has turned out to be an atypical year, with an early harvest as a result of a dry month and high temperatures of July; in contrast to an August of rains that turned out to be perfect to balance and finish the grape ripening. “Aromatically this harvest is very interesting, we have had a grape of great intensity, high in aromas and very tast”, explains the winery’s oenologist, Andrea Obenza.

Thus, on September 5 our vineyards were full of life: conversations, laughter, nervousness, hustle … The harvest is done manually, with great pamper and care we cut each bunch so that it arrives in the best conditions at the winery. A total of 40 people participated in this campaign, which was characterized by having, in general terms, good weather conditions during the harvest, allowing to obtain a completely healthy grape.

The 22 hectares of vineyards that our Pazo Baión estate has are very heterogeneous among themselves, that is why the property is divided into a total of 9 plots that are collected and elaborated separately. Thus our winemakers can study the different nuances that each one of them offers us. After fermentation and this study period, we proceed to the vinification of these plots from which our three wines come: Pazo Baión, Pazo Baión “Vides de Fontán” and Pazo Baión “Gran a Gran”. Albariños of great complexity in their elaboration, therefore, not all of them go out to market every year, it will depend on the weather conditions and the grape itself.

The first musts that have already finished the fermentation of this 2020 are leaving us great sensations, “we have obtained a very good quality with aromatic and very fresh wines”, our winemaker José Hidalgo tells us. Everything indicates, therefore, that this harvest will bring us excellent Albariños.

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