We offer you the perfect pack to give or pair your Christmas celebrations. A selection of our Pazo Baión wines, of excellent quality, at an exclusive price.

  • 2 bottles Pazo Baión 2019 (bot 750 ml.)
  • 2 bottles of Pazo Baión “Vides de Fontán” 2016 (bot 750ml.)
  • 2 bottles of Pazo Baión “Gran a Gran” 2015 (bot 500ml.)


  • Albariño Pazo Baión, stands out for its intense varietal perfume, with aromas of white flowers and fruit, a predominance of citrus on a background of white fruit. On the palate it is fresh and balanced, with a good structure, enveloping, mineral and long development on the palate, with a very aromatic persistent finish.
  • Albariño Vides de Fontán has an outstanding varietal character, with aromas of white flowers, stone fruit and citrus, with integrated notes of toast and spices. Fresh and balanced. It is fatty, enveloping, mineral and with a long development on the palate with a finish that combines the notes of aging with the varietals.
  • Albariño Gran to Gran (semi-dry). Harvest grain by grain manually and with a meager production of partially raisined berries. It has a golden yellow color. Floral aromas and honeyed notes predominate on the nose, as well as candied fruits and apricot jam. In the mouth it is fresh, with sweet sensations.


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