Pazo Baión: visit a pazo in the Rías Baixas

Pazo Baión: visit a pazo in the Rías Baixas

If what you are looking for is to enjoy the most majestic architectural beauty of Galicia, do not hesitate, visit a pazo in the Rías Baixas! But if you also want to discover one of the Galician palaces with a winery with the most charm and history, think no more: come and do wine tourism with us.

Our farm houses the history of some of the best known noble families in Galicia, starting with the founders, the Sarmiento, in the 15th century. Other surnames that have appeared at some point in the property titles of our special micro-universe are Figueroa, Camba or Soutomaior. All marked the history of Galicia and the area, in one way or another.

The protagonist of the Indian past of our pazo is Don Adolfo Fojo, a wealthy Galician immigrant who returned from Argentina, and decided to buy the farm. Determined to update the buildings of his new acquisition, he renovated the old pazo, also building the two Victorian-style towers that accompany the façade. With the aim of launching new businesses, he created the dairy, where our tasting room is now located, and a winery.

In the 70s the estate changed hands again and its new tenants opted for the Albariño variety for the subsequent elaboration of wine based on this Galician grape. This vineyard then became a reference for professionals in the sector.

Visit a pazo in the Rías Baixas that brings together the historical tradition of the area, a spectacular natural environment and a reference vineyard in the denomination of origin. If you visit Santiago de Compostela, Cambados, Vilagarcía, Sanxenxo or Pontevedra, you will be a few kilometers from our micro-universe. Remember to book your tour in advance on ourwebsite or by contacting us via emailor phone to guarantee space in the groups we organize. Come visit Pazo Baión!

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