We maintain our commitment to recycling with more than 800,000 kilos of waste

We maintain our commitment to recycling with more than 800,000 kilos of waste

On Sunday, May 17, World Recycling Day is celebrated, a date to remember that the future of our planet depends on taking care of and protecting our environment and sometimes small actions, such as throwing waste in its corresponding container, represent a global change. From our winery, located in the Rías Baixas designation of origin, we work to promote activities and projects that promote care and respect for the environment, such as recycling waste.

To reduce the environmental impact of our winemaking activity, an effort that we have carried out since our foundation in 1988, we participate in different projects such as Ecovidrio or Viñas Atlánticas. Ecovidrio, is a non-profit organization focused on the collection and reuse of glass throughout Spain, looking for example, the bottles of our wines have more useful lives. Viñas Atlánticas, meanwhile, is an environmental project that aims to achieve sustainable wine production in vineyards in the D.O. Rías Baixas in Galicia, limiting the use of plant protection products.

Furthermore, for yet another year, we are very pleased to announce that we are reinforcing our strong commitment to recycling, a commitment that reflects the values of our winery and that is reflected in the data obtained in recent months. Thus, in 2019 Condes de Albarei contributed to the recycling of 775,000 kilos of glass, 44,000 kilos of cardboard, 5,600 kilos of cork and more than 1,400 kilos of aluminum.

The future of the environment depends on respect for our environment through responsible activity, something that we are very clear about and invite you to share in your daily routines. Our vineyards are located in a privileged area of the world, bathed by the Atlantic coast and a mild climate. A natural paradise that we want to preserve and that makes our albariños have a very special character. We only have one world, take care of it!

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